Jan 31, 2010

Happiness is two types of ice cream....

finding your skate key, telling the time! WOW! I sung that song when I was in elementary school. Does anyone know what song I am singing or am I just loopy?

HATE snow. LOVE these.


MY sister in law is on the left, she is 6 ft. tall. PLEASE see where the snow hits on her.


Mmm... this picture makes me HAPPY inside.

ADORE everything about this one...

good bye!

Jan 27, 2010

John and Ashley Groomals

Photography is what helps me breath. I love this more than ever imagined I would! But I have found one thing that I don't love about photography... When you clients grow and move on. AKA Get married and don't need you anymore.

I love John and Ashley. They were heaven sent clients!

Isn't she a BEAUTIFUL bride?





WOW! That was a lot of pictures! I told you loved them!

Here is what I have been working on lately.....

Charming huh

Jan 25, 2010

Apple of my eye

So yesterday I was....

 Cruisin around in my automobile, duda duda duda, my baby beside at the wheel duda duda duda....
mmm... enough tunes for now.

While we were cruising, I saw this beauty. Lucky for me I had my camera!

happy monday cyber world!

Jan 22, 2010

Kyle and Shea

I used to be a rockin softball player. Did you know that? Well I was:) And so was Shea. That's how we met. We got schooled by almost every team back in the day. Though we lost, and losing is a very depressing feeling a beautiful friendship formed between us.

She is marrying Kyle. She waited for him while he served his mission. And six months before he came home.... She left on one. Then Kyle waited for her. Physically they were separated for 3 years, but they sure weren't emotionally and spiritually. Just take a look at their connection!

She you look like a AMAZING here

MmM.... the light is delicious.