Jul 22, 2009

Whit Preview

I had the sweet awesome opportunity to do her senior pics.... LUCKY ME!!! I am looking for more seniors.... If your graduating in 2010 send me an e-mail... I would love to take your picture!!!

P.S. I am leaving on Vacation. I will have little access to e-mail, and no chance to blog:( I have some great posts coming up!!! Thanks for your support!!


My favorite part of being a photographer is the opportunity to view Gods beautiful creations. I am always so awe struck of the vibrant colors in every sunset, the perfection of every flower, the smell of a summer night. Utah is so breathtaking and I am very blessed to live here. Enjoy this pic from one of my shoots...

Jane, Bonnie, Judy

Can you believe how BEAUTIFUL these sisters are.......




Jul 18, 2009

3 sisters preview


This girl is pure bliss! Seriously! Look how beautiful she is! She's getting ready to put an album out so she wanted me to take some pictures of her. Her songs and her voice are amazing!!! I can't wait for it!!

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is.....

So the first time I heard this song, my sister and I were laying out at the pool at the Stratosphere Hotel in Vegas. Floods of fabulous memories enter my mine when I hear this song! I took a bunch of pictures while we were there, but they are on my old computer and it completely died last week. I am CROSSING my fingers there is a way we can extract the pictures off.....

Jul 14, 2009

Preview of Jenn

HOW AMAZING IS THIS!!!! Pretty sure this is my favorite picture of all time

Josh and Lacey

Josh and Lacey.... I love you guys!! Thank you for the fun time!!!

This ones my fave.... Its so intimate.

Jul 10, 2009

Hasler Family

The other day I shot this family for their family reunion..... 13 kids under the age of 11. I am so grateful there's ONE of them all smiling:)

Which one is better?

Jul 8, 2009


HELLO my family, friends and visitors..... WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!! For the last few months I have discovered my absolute love and passion for photography. Its been such a spiritual and sacred journey developing a new talent. I have felt so blessed and continue to be blessed with the most fabulous clients! Here on my blog I will keep it regularly updated with Robbie's and my life, and of course my photography. I hope you enjoy!!!! xoxoxoxo 


Aaron and Kayla bridal and Groomals

I can't decide between these two.... I LOVE BOTH!!