Mar 30, 2010


Right now I am in the middle of going through BIG business changes. Without sounding too whiney... It's KICKING my BOOTY! Yesterday, after I got done doing an AWESOME photo shoot(and when I say awesome, I MEAN IT.) I had LOTS of business to attend to. And can I tell you everything that could go wrong did! 

After throwing a minor fit and complaining to my man, Robbie took me home, laid me in bed, brought me a cup of hot herbal tea, and gave me a massage... How lucky am I?

Anywho... once I got my day going today, I was terrified to get back to work. I didn't want all the drama from the previous night. I have had three clients waiting for me to upload their pictures to my proofing site, but it has been broken. I feared when I opened my e-mail today, I would have a bunch of hate notes! But guess what!?! NO HATE NOTES! Only notes of LOVE! Here are the two notes that were awaiting me in my inbox this morning. . . 

Thanks for your hard work in trying to put these together!  Sorry it hasn't been working too well for you.  I definitely agree that when computer's don't do what you want them to do it is so very frustrating. :) 
But if you're still having problems just let us know if it is easier to come meet with you later this week/weekend or whatever works best.  Whatever will lighten your load.
Thanks again for doing these Jess!  I am so excited to see how they turn out.  I had so much fun on Saturday and thanks for making us feel like a million bucks!  You have pure talent my dear!

And this e-greeting from another client, just letting me know that she was fine that her pics were not uploaded yet...

. . . I told you I was BEYOND BLESSED.

I just wanted to express ALL my love to my clients who treat me like a million bucks. I love you guys!
Since all posts are better with a picture... Here are a few from my two engagement sessions these last couple days.


Mar 26, 2010

Consider The Lilies

On my personal blog, I wrote a post about my inner yearning to create beauty. Since it has to do with photography, and this is my photography blog, I thought it appropriate to post a link if you wanted to stop by and read it.

Click HERE

Since all posts are better with a picture... Here are two of MANY from my two photoshoot's down in Washington


Mar 24, 2010

Color Test

I just took a WAY cool color test. It tests your eye to see how well you can arrange the color hues! I sit in front of a computer all day messing around with color. So when I started the test I was worried that I was going to SUCK it up. But I didn't:) I got a 3... With 0 being PERFECT. Take the test and let me know what you get....


Mar 22, 2010

Kyle and Shea Bridals/Wedding


I am so behind on my blogging so I combined my favorites from their wedding and their bridal/groomal session.



I took this as I was driving up to the temple... Maybe its not safe to take pictures and drive, but oh well:)



This one is my favorite!



Mar 18, 2010


I am in Washington right now. Loving my life and my cousins... Here is a glimpse of the my first few days.


This is my cousins DARLING daughter. Maya is my heart.


aren't her curls to die for!

and this is... my JEN! I know she is to die for. Her hair is usually curly like her daughters, but we straighten it!


I have a few photoshoot's scheduled and I cannot wait for them!

If I have not responded to your e-mails, my apologies .

loves. hugs.


Mar 9, 2010

pretty cupcake


I edited this today, and I have to say it made my QUITE happy... Do you like it? OR do you wanna eat it?

Mar 8, 2010


Preview of what I did tonight...


Mar 7, 2010

Park City Engagement Preview

These make me H A P P Y. . .  Deliriously H A P P Y


Mar 4, 2010

Andrew and Lisa Wedding

My job is SO easy when I have a couple deeply, truly, and madly in L.O.V.E. with each other. I can't get over the way they look at each other... Melt my heart and pour the cheese!

I always get a little teary eyed when couples come out of the temple. I think its so special:)


After the temple we left for a bit to go to the luncheon...



We then headed back to the temple to spend more time getting some GREAT shots.


I think these next two are my favorites. . .   

This one, has so much PASSION in it. I love passion.

This last picture was taken as we are on the way to the reception. I threw them out of the car, made them climb a snow covered hill, and was able to capture this beauty of a picture...