Aug 30, 2009

Kelsey Preview

This is what I did last night. Jealous?

Audrey Hepburn?

WHAT THE? Could these be more epic! This beauty is my childhood play mate. Growing up Nicole always had the best birthday parties. When she turned 7? we all dressed up liked princesses. And made crowns. Pretty sure it was a dream come true. Anyone up for dressing up? I love dress ups... Nough Rambling....

Dilemma. Which is better?


Aug 17, 2009


This is was my first experience with a new born. What do you think?

She had gas:)

This is my brother.

So this may not entertain many of you, but it probably brought the biggest smile I have had on my face for weeks. My brother is serving an LDS mission in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is horrible at sending pictures home, so I have not seen his bright smiley?? face for six whole months. My brother and I are 2 years apart and have been totally tight since infancy. Since he's been gone it has been a totally rewarding and spiritual experience, but parts of me feel like part of my soul is running around with him.

We got his weekly e-mail, and he gave us a link to his missions website. He mish pres. is very good at posting pics, and as I was looking through the pictures DYING to see a picture of him I stumbled upon this gem......

I had to blast my way through 150 pictures to find my brother not even looking at the camera with his eyes crossed and a look on his face like he is mental.


Aug 13, 2009

Lets Make a Deal

HELP ME!!! I am starting this one time special to build up my portfolio. And I am looking to you to help me. Here's how the deal works..... Book a day with me and have a friend, cousin, neighbor, enemy... I don't care who, book a day with me within 3 weeks of the day you are booked and you will get your shoot for half off. So if you are looking to get your senior pictures, engagements, family pictures done in time for Christmas or anything else... you will receive 50%. Thats a super good deal... You help me, I help you.... Win Win! (thank you Jim, office fans only...) Talk to me on facebook, or e-mail me.

Thanks guys!! I hope you will take advantage of this sweet awesome deal!!

-Bella Rae, also known as Jessica Rae

My New Obsession........

.......LDS RADIO!

I always have to be listening to something while I am editing. Whether it be music, books on cd, or politics, I have to have my ears engaged in something. Well The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints (questions? visit has this new station, which can be accessed online at They have radio flow that runs 24/7. I never listen really listen to the flow. I always listen to the previously played programs. They have so many different programs!! Designed for all types of brains. Here are a few of my favorite...

This one is new to me, but nevertheless I am in LOVE! I highly recommend the story of Herbert Klopfer. So inspiring!!

Into All the World

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! The host, talks to mission presidents, or stakes presidents around the globe. Each interview is a different country, and it is so interesting to hear how the church is functioning in that part of the world. FABULOUS!!

Music with a Message

And since I am a lover of music, this is a very beautiful program. Also, if you are not a member of the church, but still a strong follower of Christ, check it out! Each segment is music associated with him and his ministry and the messages he preached. I promise no disappointment:)

Check it out my fellow blog friends! And when you become obsessed.... you can thank me:)

Tootles til next time! I have some great posts coming:)

Aug 10, 2009



WOW!!! I love your face!

Aug 6, 2009


Another fab Perry Family Reunion has come and gone... Such a blast! I love my cousins, aunts, uncles, and of course the greatest Papa and Barb Ever! Miss you all!!

Fist we will start with the Bald?? Perry Men.....

Beach Times.....

AHHHHHHHHH......... I miss you Rae Rae

Gav Man..... I miss your stinkin guts! But I think my camera misses you more! How cute is he?

Have you ever seen a more handsome man in your life??? Not ME!! Oh I got bangs? What do you think?

How Sweet is this picture!!! When we were waiting for the fairy we went down to the beach, and were flipping rocks and founds dozens and dozens of crab. We also flipped a rocked and found and eel..... That was cool!

We went shopping with all the girls.... Papa and Uncle D just tagged along.....

Gavvy and Trevor adore each other......

How can anyone deny that I have the bestest Papa in the whole world....

These are fantastically awesome sisters.... Love you!

2008 Reigning CHAMP...

I am so blessed to have all of you as family members. What a group of rock stars! Thank you for your beautiful spirits! I MISS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fun trip!!! Everyone say your prayers that Robbie and I will end up in school in Oregon!!

Sorry for a long post, but I didn't even put half of my pics up! Thanks for indulging me