Feb 28, 2010


Goodness gracious children! Its been forever! I have been so busy. Here are the highlights of my life since we last spoke.

I have been hangin with these two darling ladies...





And just in case you were wondering... THESE ARE MY SISTERS! Please tell me how LUCKY I am!

I also went here...

To photograph them...


I have also been working my BUTTOCKS off on my secret project:)

And I ended my week with these two lovely birds...

How was your week?

hugs. loves.


Feb 19, 2010


I  L O V E  E T S Y.

When I am on ETSY its quite a pitiful site. I have to have a drool towel under me. I feel like a kid in a candy store who's mom won't buy her any delicious sweets because they cost too much. 

So it got me thinking... (that can always be a wee bit scary.) 


(such an inspiring dream, I know.)
Advertising is everything in business, and good pictures can really boost your sales and your overall creditability with your customer. So I am here to propose a business idea to all you ETSY peeps.

If you have an ETSY account, or thinking of starting one up, you are going to want your items photographed. And guess what? I have a camera! And I can DO IT!

The way it would work: Mail me your product and I will take 2-4 pictures of that one item, and then e-mail them to you. Since I am about win-win situations. You win by getting sweet awesome pictures, and I win by getting your product:) Or if you don't want to give it to me, you can pay me a flat rate of $45 for your high resolution, creatively displayed, sweet awesome edited images. 

Any one interested? I hope so!

I really want cute headbands, earrings, purses, and all your other awesome homemade products!   

e-mail me: bellaraephotography.blogspot.com

ALSO! I photograph for trade... Do you want a darling photoshoot of your family, or significant other, or just pictures of yourself? Well if you have a skill/something I want... Aka... eyelash extensions:) Or a list of many other wants that I have that I am too cheap or too poor to buy. E-mail me and lets see if we can make deal.

Feb 13, 2010

The Militoni's

Please enjoy some of my fav's!



I already posted this one but I love it so much it had to be posted again.

Doesn't she look like a snow goddess? Its so fierce!

This last one is OH so fabulous. Her tat is her hubby names. Awesome huh.


So I did this session in OCT. It was seriously a fav of mine in 2009. I can't believe I forgot to blog it!

Megan, I am SO sorry! You seriously rocked this session way back when!

The light on this pic is DIVINE. Also, it rained right at the end. Hence the wet hair

Feb 11, 2010



As many of you know, we are moving to Texas in July. I have received many inquiries and requests to do your weddings during or after the move. So for all you awesome souls...


I will travel back and forth

So make my dreams come true and continue to book with me.

Thanks and come again:)

Feb 10, 2010

Andrew and Jody.

FUN, AMAZING, ENCHANTING does not begin to describe this wedding. I loved everything about it. Andrew and Jody are to DIE for. They love each other so much and their love radiates from each of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart letting me do your wedding!

You guys will never fully understand HOW cold it was that day. No joke, it felt like knives were going through my cheeks. I think the high that day was 20 degrees. THE HIGH. Jody was a STALLION out in the weather. You can't even tell through these pics how cold it was.


Aren't they to DIE for adorable?


My heart races every time I look at this one.

Here are some details from the day.



Aren't their dresses BEAUTIFUL?

These girls are all returned sister missionaries. Robbie said he never had sisters this cute on his mish:)

My favorite picture of the day.

I told you their wedding was beyond FUN

Congrats Guys! THANK YOU again