Sep 28, 2009

Eric and Hayley

You guys make love fun! Thanks for the good time... Can't wait for the rest!

Andrea: Preview

Sep 26, 2009

ingrid michaelson - Far Away

I need a vacation. Who wants to come with me

Sep 24, 2009

Heart Breaker

When I took these pics I was so bloody sick. And I was totally nervous how these were going to turn. Well lucky me, I got this fantastic face.


Or Stormy?


Tonight I was able to take pictures of Ali. She is getting baptized on Saturday. Her beautiful spirit just burst these pictures. I hope you can recognize the simple beauty and spirit behind these pictures. There is nothing more pure and wholesome than a child. I am so grateful for my faith and my testimony of my Savior and Redeemer and his perfect gospel.

I think this song goes perfect with her pictures.

And for my most favorite one....

Sep 13, 2009


Okay so I am kind of computer dumb.... I have been getting complaints that my pics are pixely when people view the pics on their computer on blogger. I upload them from picasa at 1600 pixels and transfer them to blogger. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a trick for clearer pics? I have totally rad actions and I always sharpen with "A Better Web Sharpen." Is there something else I need to do before uploading them? I just don't know. I am facing such a dilemma. Please somebody take pitty on my cause and help me. E-mail me or comment.



Eric and Hayley Preview

You guys are so worth pushing back my date night with my husband

Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody

Guess who has a new CD!!! Check out my favorite song:) If I could write a song this would be it. I totally heart her. She speaks to me baby:)


Oh my if words can explain how flippin wonderful Kelsey is! She has such a beautiful light about her, and was willling to do anything I asked.

P.S. It was her idea to get in the water.... A girl after my own heart. I love a good adventure

Sep 7, 2009

Preview of Miss Jessica.

Ohhh I had fun doing these ones!