Apr 29, 2010


ju·bi·la·tion: [joo-buh-ley-shuhn] a feeling of or the expression of joy.

Apr 27, 2010

Hasler Family

 Please tell me they are ADORABLE.

Look how stunning their blue eyes are!


To die for. right?

my favorite shot of the day!

Apr 26, 2010

Sabrina and Brady

Wanna know something that I LURVVVE about my job? Well it is interacting with LOVE! Its so inspiring, beautiful, gentle, and all the above! 

Each couple I shoot brings something different and unique. The thing that made me tickled pink with these two, was their ability to find the others hand always! No matter what pose they were in, their fingers were to be found interlocked and connected to one another. It was quite endearing and adorable if I do say so myself! 



yes they are fabulously good looking...


This is what I did yesterday:) I LOVE SPRING

Apr 23, 2010

Bennett and Jenessa: Married!

I don't think there is a more fun couple on the planet. I met these two for the first time as they came out of the temple (not the norm) and I could not have fallen more in love with them. Their whole wedding party was pee your pants funny.  
Sometimes I wonder if I'm working or living a dream? I guess they should go hand in hand, right?

I get all watery-eyed when couples come out. Don't hate. It makes me feel joyously happy!

I could have done a whole blog posts on pictures of this little girl alone. She was to DIE for.  
 Jenessa and her sister right after she came out. darling? yes! 
This is my favorite of the day:
After the temple we headed to their GORGEOUS reception.

Bennett had this huge internal to buy this hat and cane for his wedding... ha!
 please notice the ties... i have no words.
those 4 girls are his sisters... 

like father like son.
 I told you their wedding was beautiful. eat your heart out!

my second favorite shot of the day...
 please tell me this wedding looked like a blast! 

Congratulations Bennett and Jenessa! I wish you ALL the happiness in the world.