Dec 24, 2009


These cute twins were dying to wish you a very

M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S

I am officially done for 2009! Okay not officially, I still have a wedding, but after that I am DONE! 

I will answer all e-mails and phone calls after the Holiday's! I hope you have the best holiday! Thank you for you support and love. I wish I could explain my gratitude! Thank you all for literally making my dreams come true! loves all around! Merry Christmas!

Jason and Melissa

So yeah... I am goobers amount behind in my blogging, but whatevs! I just want to share all these fun pictures! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!

I went to H.S. with this cute girl. These were her and her hubby's one year anniversary pictures!


Every good photoshoot needs a rockin booty shake....

Melissa you know you look beautiful here, right?

You guys, she totally climbed this tree in heels! Man I love NOTHING more than a client who will do whatever you ask:) Even if my ideas are somewhat dangerous/ridiculous! 

Please ignore this bad placement of my watermark

Ah love! This picture makes me warm inside.

Dec 22, 2009


.... Its a Christmas Secret.

We always draw names for Christmas, and this year we made an overall decision to make our Christmas gifts this year. Here is mine....

She is beyond obsessed with Hannah Montana... So I am printing this out in a full size poster for her room! Is it not so adorable!

But remember its a secret.... SHH!!!

Dec 20, 2009

Hemstreet Family

Wow I did this family forever and a day ago! But you guys HAVE to see how gosh ding dong dang adorable they are!

Look how perfect his skin is.... It so... MILKY




Is it bad this picture melts my heart?

What a cute momma

So the dad is like 6'8" or something... This picture is perfect to me. He looks like his super hero.

This picture should be printed HUGE... Dont cha just love it? 

My favorite picture for last....

When I see pictures like this it makes me want to be a mommy... kind of....:)

Dec 12, 2009

Winter berry Preview



Love DOES NOT even describe how much I ADORE this picture.

Dec 10, 2009

So In love....

... With these two!

I nanny these guys on Tues. and Thurs. They totally rock my world. Its time they rocked yours:)

He looks like he's running for mayor :)

Please tell me that you would love for me to be your nanny! We just did these for fun because I didn't want to do laundry! HA!

Dec 8, 2009

Andrew and Lisa

November 2004: I had just turned to 16. It was my first High School dance. Everything I had been waiting my whole life for! YIPEE SKIPPY! It happened to be a girls choice, a formal dance. Preference. I asked Andrew with a carved pumpkin, candy, and an oh so cheesy poem.... He said yes, with balloons and ice-cream (he actually went to door bell ditch my door to answer yes, but I walked out on the porched right as he was getting ready to ring the bell. Talk about AWKWARD.... :) The dance was a great one. Among one of my favs for my High School career. Why? Because Andrew is just the nicest kid around. A total gentleman with a great sense of humor.

And if its possible, he has found someone even nicer, and more amazing than him. He and Lisa are perfect for eachother. You can tell by their engagements. Look....

We caught the last few rays of the sun. I love the beautiful glow that happens during that time of day. Its mmmmm.......very delicious.