Dec 8, 2009

Andrew and Lisa

November 2004: I had just turned to 16. It was my first High School dance. Everything I had been waiting my whole life for! YIPEE SKIPPY! It happened to be a girls choice, a formal dance. Preference. I asked Andrew with a carved pumpkin, candy, and an oh so cheesy poem.... He said yes, with balloons and ice-cream (he actually went to door bell ditch my door to answer yes, but I walked out on the porched right as he was getting ready to ring the bell. Talk about AWKWARD.... :) The dance was a great one. Among one of my favs for my High School career. Why? Because Andrew is just the nicest kid around. A total gentleman with a great sense of humor.

And if its possible, he has found someone even nicer, and more amazing than him. He and Lisa are perfect for eachother. You can tell by their engagements. Look....

We caught the last few rays of the sun. I love the beautiful glow that happens during that time of day. Its mmmmm.......very delicious.

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