Dec 20, 2009

Hemstreet Family

Wow I did this family forever and a day ago! But you guys HAVE to see how gosh ding dong dang adorable they are!

Look how perfect his skin is.... It so... MILKY




Is it bad this picture melts my heart?

What a cute momma

So the dad is like 6'8" or something... This picture is perfect to me. He looks like his super hero.

This picture should be printed HUGE... Dont cha just love it? 

My favorite picture for last....

When I see pictures like this it makes me want to be a mommy... kind of....:)


  1. Jess, these are stunning. You have a gift.

    Have you ever looked at my niece, Lindsay's website? She is a photographer and lives in England. Here site is Pied piper photography. She is obsessed with feet. Too funny.

  2. These are great Jess! They are some of my favorite people - the sweetest family!! You did a great job at capturing this in the photos!!