Jun 23, 2010

Jenn's Graduated!

Tonight my little friend and I made her graduation announcement. She's quite on the adorable/quirky side doncha think. 

Jun 22, 2010

Jane + Dillon: Engagements

These pictures have a special place in my heart. Miss Jane was one of my Young Women before she grew up, went to college, and got engaged.... Oh and all this happened less than year after she graduated. Im not one to toot my own horn, but one year ago at 2 in the morning at girls camp I predicted that she would be engaged in less than a year. Yeah just call me fortune teller. 

Dillon is perfect for Jane. Their love is beyond beautiful! Just take a look...



they got in a chalk in fight... luckily i was there to document it!


Jun 21, 2010

Jun 17, 2010

Linds + Mason

Here is a preview of some of my two most favoritest (its a word) peeps in the world:



Jun 14, 2010

Kalynn: Senior Pictures

Shooting a girl with stunning green eyes, perfect lips and classic style makes me shriek, squeal, and shout all at the same time. Seriously. This girl is timeless.



Reading is Kalynn's passion:

my favorite shot of the day:

Jun 10, 2010

Glazner Family

Its not possible for this family to be more adorable than they are! Seriously! I am forever changed watching their love and admiration for each other. 




each freckle is so perfectly placed on their face. perfection. 

so maybe all this post was picture overload... but for the record i took out A LOT of pictures.

Jun 9, 2010

The Orchard of Love: Jake + Heather Bridals

adore. love. cherish. 

Three words that explicitly explain these two. The way Jake would dote upon Heather was magical. The way Heather would get lost in Jake's eye was enchanting. And the way they would hold each other so gently, yet so passionately?


Jake and Heather, you two were a dream come true! 



ask me if this is one of favorite pictures of all time... come on. ask me.

They had this one blown up HUGE at their reception... It looked fabulous!