Dec 2, 2009

Simply Perfect.

Your heart might break as you look at these.

Ya know those times when everything goes perfect and you don't know why? You try to recreate that moment other times? But no matter how hard you try you just can't. Well this shoot was one of those moment. I didn't do anything special. Nothing. Everything was perfect. Simply Perfect.

Meet the princess:

Meet the Princesses little sister:

Meet the Princesses Parents:

Yes, thats right, this is one of my favorite images of all time:

The princess and her family:

Look at that SMILE!!!!

See the princess sit:

See the Princess curtsy:

See the princess....Oh wait... I think her highness is about done with this tale.

Goodbye fair Princess

THE END of the Simply Perfect Tale


  1. that little girl is so cute.
    that whole family is so cute.
    lovely, lovely pictures Jess.

    brava my dear.

  2. Jessica, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE your photography!! I can't wait til I get the joy of having you take pictures of my family!! You are very talented my friend!

  3. YAY--love this fairy tale. :) Thanks for posting these so we could see them!! You really are so amazing! Thanks a million times for taking these for us!! We LOVE them!!!!

  4. These are amazing pictures. Great job! You got talent girl!

  5. I know we are not quite as good looking as the Jepsons but when is it our turn??? ha ha and can you make me look good too !! Stunning you rock girl :}


  6. A picture says a thousand words and our few words cannot describe the thrill of seeing our family's beautiful and awesome pictures. Thank you so much for taking them and then making them available to us so far away in Denmark. Elder & Sister Jepson.

  7. Jessica what kind of camera do you use?

  8. Hey- I am a friend of Russ and Megan's. Just wanted to say that I LOVE the pictures. You are a very talented photographer and do GREAT work! Wow!