Aug 13, 2010


okay. okay. its been like a month. i have been one BUSY girl. and many changes are coming to Bella Rae Photography. but before the changes are revealed, i must share this picture with you. 

this photo gets me in words i can't explain


  1. wow jess! hannah looks so regal! good freaking job! she is beautiful anyways but this pictures is gorgeous!

  2. Oh my beautiful daughter!!!!

  3. that dress is so beautiful! and i love the picture!!

  4. Humm. This picture looks familiar ;o)

    I met you on the flight from SLC to Phoenix. Just wanted to stop by and see your page and thank you once again for helping me with my kiddos. You didn't know it, but it was not a good day for me and I was going on no sleep and some hard times. So your help was hugely appreciated.

    Stop by and see my page too!